Thursday, July 26, 2012


The emotions that this loving little boy elicits are so very, very powerful. I sent a video on my iphone to my wife, Jane, today for Brendan. I told him that I wished that I could be at lunch with him and Nana but that I had to work. After I sent the video (from Busch Stadium) I teared up big time. You see, I angered his mother with a comment that I shouldn't have made (I later apologized) and now this vindictive person is doing her best to take my grandson away from me. After being with this little boy EVERY day for the first three and a half years of his life, his mother has decided that he son is a pawn (not a son) and he will NOT be with Nana and Papa unless she decides that he will do so. Of course, her decision has nothing to do with the fact that this 28 year old has #1 has never graduated from high school, #2 has never had a drivers licence and #3 has never achieved her GED. Despite the fact that my wife drove her to and/or from or both to work for 6 years she "doesn't feel comfortable" riding with her. My statement on Facebook that she was a "hoosier dimwit" caused her to use her son as a pawn. Her ignorance has hurt her son and she doesn't get it or she doesn't care. Bad grandparent to call the grandson's mom a hoosier dimwit. Bad for a mom to use her son as a pawn. They are both bad. Which is worse?